The Bell Mine Site

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Overview:  A secluded, privately-owned 81.6 Acre parcel inside the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, with convenient highway access and sweeping views of Lake Mojave, the Colorado River and Arizona. Canoe and kayak rentals, mine tours and horseback rides are now available down the road from the parcel.

Mineral Claim:  Four contiguous 20.4 acre claims total, based on patented gold discoveries. UPDATE: Lab assay performed in January 2012 indicates notable gold and silver content in tailings from the two larger mineshafts. Fire assay reports Gold content at 0.16oz/ton, and Silver at 38.4oz/ton. Assay Report available upon request.

Location:  2.5mi E of the Colorado River on Hwy165, 10mi South of Boulder Dam, 35 minutes from Las Vegas

Asking Price :  $299,000

Site Photos:
Entrance to Site
Views of the Surrounding Area
Maps, Survey, Documentation
Mine Shaft Openings

History:  The Fortuna Mining Company patented the four Bell Mine Claims in 1913. Located in the Eldorado Canyon area near Nelson NV, the Bell Mine was worked from 1913 until 1942, when President Roosevelt issued Executive Order E-208 closing all mines not essential to the war effort. After World War II very few miners returned to the Eldorado Canyon.  The Eldorado Canyon District has produced more that 500 million dollars in ore since the 1800s.
Click here for an interesting histororical account... 'Eldorado Canyon - Lawlessness on the Colorado River.'

The Lightning Lab purchased the property in 2007 to perform natural lightning studies. We've never been deep into the mines, but have observed that a dropped rock will tumble for quite some time. One mine shaft enters horizontally, two descend at about 30 degrees and one descends at about 45 degrees.

Local Color :

Old mining shack, 3mi west of the Bell Mine in Nelson, NV
Canyon on the Colorado River, about 5mi south of the Bell Mine
Plane wreckage about 2mi west of the Bell Mine
Rock formations in Eagle Wash, next to the Bell Mine

The Bell Mine parcel is surrounded by the Lake Mead National Recreational Area, operated by the National Park Service.

The property contains a number of open mine shafts, some that descend at steep angles.  Mine shafts present a number of unique hazards, including cave-ins, loose rocks, fall hazards, bad air, and rattlesnakes.

The 488ft access road hasn't been recently bladed or maintained. AWD vehicles are currently recommended.

At present there are no drilled wells on the site.  The water table is approx. 50-400ft below the surface in the surrounding areas.

The tax liability for the 81.6 acre property is $228 per year.